Stop Avoiding the Mailbox

The same routine plays out every day all over the country; millions of Americans hit the end of the driveway to check the mail already knowing what’s inside. The highlight might be a birthday card or a new magazine but, for the most part, it’s some variety of grocery store circulars, solar panel advertisements, or rage inducing cable and cell phone bills.

But for so many of us, that walk to the mailbox makes our heart beat a little faster, our palms sweat a little, and our minds start to race knowing that we don’t have an answer to the letter awaiting us. That’s because the IRS has come calling. For anyone dealing with an income tax issue, the walk to the mailbox is a daily cause of anxiety, wondering how much the penalties and interest may have increased, or what further collection action the IRS may be pursuing.  That anxiety grows until, at some point, those IRS letters may find themselves in the same “circular file” as the rest of the bills that we’re simply too overwhelmed to worry about today. And that’s when the problem gets worse.

Ignoring the IRS may seem like the only way to deal with this difficult situation, heck, as we get older we ignore a lot of unpleasant things like the doctor, the dentist, or the retirement adviser. But choosing not to respond to communications from the IRS, or simply not knowing how to resolve your tax issue properly, can lead to very intrusive and financially burdensome collection activity including the filing of a tax lien, a garnishment of wages, levy of personal bank accounts, or a seizure of your assets. Ultimately, the only thing you can do is face the liability head on and develop a strategy to get back on good terms with Uncle Sam.

That’s where Tax Alliance comes in. Often times the situation is daunting because you don’t where to begin, the issue may stem from unfiled returns or long overdue balances that you’ve lost track of. It can help just to have an experienced adviser who will help you sort out the issues and get a clear picture of what’s happening in your case. From there, we can help to develop a plan and review your eligibility to resolve your Federal and State tax issues in the most affordable and efficient way possible.

Working directly with Tax Alliance gives you access to highly skilled Enrolled Agents, Certified Public Accountants, and Attorneys that will give you an honest assessment of what can be done and outline the best possible resolution that you can expect. From there, we work together to make sure that the best outcome is accomplished. This may include reviewing your options for penalty abatement, installment agreement, or potentially a negotiated offer in compromise should your financial circumstances warrant. Like many legal situations, it can be in your best interest to seek the guidance and services of a professional, and an IRS liability is no different. It could make all the difference in resolving your situation affordably and amicably.

So the next time your daily routine plays out, and you feel that anxiety start to creep in as you walk to the end of the driveway, do yourself a favor and call Tax Alliance to see how we can be of help to you today.

Tax Alliance

2002 E McFadden Ave #110

Santa Ana, CA 92705

(800) 987-3051

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